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Holiday planning in 2021: Top Travel Destinations

Holiday planning in 2021: Top Travel Destinations

There have been plenty of things that we’d like to quickly forget in 2020, but arguably one of the worst factors has been the lack of planning. We just haven’t been able to make any long-term plans.

Hopefully, with a vaccine on its way, all of this is likely to change. It might not be immediate, but now is the time to get out your travel brochure, book your travel insurance, and investigate some of the best destinations to visit as 2021 prepares to greet us in the next few days.


Over the years, Ethiopia has become a country that has been considerably easier to visit. In these current Covid times, the country has made further enhancements, such as its world-first contactless airport terminal, which takes a considerable step in entering a country in the safest way possible.

What else can you expect from Ethiopia?

  • The country has no fewer than 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • It is full of wildlife; on some trails you’ll spot everything from gelada baboons to ibexes.
  • The landscape is something else; whether you are in the capital (and taking advantage of the recently opened Unity Park), or in the mountains, you’ll be shocked at the natural beauty this country has to offer.

New Zealand

One of the big ‘success stories’ of the Covid era has unquestionably been New Zealand. Their approach has resulted in minimal cases and as such, this can be one of the best destinations to target for the forthcoming year.

Of course, the country’s Covid stats aren’t the only reason which make New Zealand a place worth visiting:

  • The country is awash with breathtaking national parks. There are 13 in total, with Abel Tasman being one of the most spectacular.
  • Abel Tasman might have the sand and sea, but on the opposite side of the spectrum Franz Josef has incredible glaciers to hike. They can require a helicopter, but the end result is out of this world.
  • The natural beauty is there, but don’t underestimate the major cities. Both Auckland and Wellington are well worth a visit, with the latter having a stunning harbor that complements its big city feel perfectly.


With the rescheduled Olympic Games poised to be held in Japan, this is another stunning candidate to visit for 2021. It is expensive, but anyone who has been there will testify its value. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • From Kyoto to Tokyo, Japan has everything. It has deeply religious sites, to the big-city, famous fun of Tokyo. For those looking for a blend of everything, Japan has it all.
  • Many of the areas are spread out, but the country’s excellent bullet train means that navigating is a breeze and takes a fraction of the expected time.
  • A special mention should be given to the ski slopes. Japan often grabs the headlines for other touristic reasons, but for any ski enthusiasts, this is one of the best destinations of its kind in the world.

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