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Happy Holidays! Here’s our best content of 2019

It was another big year in 2019 and we hope it’s been a great one for your small business!

The Little Hotelier blog is designed to help property owners and manages run their property in the best way possible. There was a lot of popular content this year which we’re excited about.

In case you missed it or just need to refresh, here are the top five blogs in 2019:

B&B marketing: A complete guide to marketing for your small property

With higher levels of competition and more savvy travellers today, you have to be active, targeted, and inventive with your marketing and sales strategies. So what can you do? Instead of focusing on repeat business, prioritise referrals and online feedback to use past customers to generate new guests.

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Hotel check in: Your complete guide to processes, strategies, and software

A guest’s arrival and check-in at your B&B is the most important part of their customer service journey.

You want them to walk in and feel recognised, attended to, and most importantly welcomed. This is their first impression of your property after all.

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How to start a bed and breakfast: Complete guide for owner/operators

Establishing any business and excelling in it is not something that happens overnight. Starting a B&B or small hotel is no exception, especially if you are new to the hospitality industry.

With countless factors to consider before opening a property to the public, and even more to contend with once your are running your business day-today, it can easily become overwhelming.

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How to calculate your B&B’s average room rate and other revenue metrics [free calculators]

In an increasingly competitive sector, many B&Bs and boutique hotels are turning to revenue management to drive performance and profit growth. If you don’t get on the revenue management bandwagon soon, you risk falling behind the pack.

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Using a channel manager at your B&B: Everything you need to know

With travellers continuing to move online to book travel, B&B operators need to react to and manage this trend with a channel manager. It’s the only way to effectively and efficiently stay on top of incoming online reservations.

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See you in the new year!

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