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Greengage Travel launches Ecosmart Hotels & Venues Directory | Article

Greengage Travel has launched the Ecosmart Hotels and Venues Directory, to showcase hand-picked properties across the UK that demonstrate an eco-friendly approach.

The programme is designed to make it easier for event organisers and corporate travellers to find greener meeting or accommodation options.

It comes as a recent global business travel association poll has revealed over 70% of travel managers believed it was important to empower travellers to make sustainable travel choices.

Greengage’s Ecosmart programme is positioned to help meet the demand for greener solutions, assisting hotels and meeting venues in developing an eco-friendly approach and recognising achievement through the Ecosmart accreditation process.

Alongside venue information, images and mapping each property’s sustainability qualities are highlighted to provide a “first-rate representation” of the eco-friendly features on offer.

Andrew Perolls, CEO of Greengage Travel commented that whilst Covid-19 “absolutely dominated” the corporate agenda in 2020 there is evidence that, with a vaccine-enabled end in sight, companies will be placing more emphasis on “sustainability in business recovery”, including sustainable travel and event solutions.

He said: “Greengage is committed to supporting the trend towards greater sustainability in Travel and Events. We want to help equip hotels and venues with a competitive green advantage, ready for when the market starts to bounce back.”

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