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GDP figures show hospitality’s importance, says UKH | Article

UKHospitality (UKH) is renewing calls for more government support following the release of the UK’s GDP figures for November.

Estimates for the month revealed the country’s GDP dropping by 2.6%, with hospitality accounting for 0.9% of the decline.

The trade association also called on the government to centre the sector around the eventual reopening of the economy.

Kate Nicholls, UKH’s chief executive, said: “This morning’s GDP figures make for pretty depressing, if not surprising, reading. What is noticeable is that hospitality, a sector that was effectively closed down across England, in November, is responsible for just over one-third of the decline.

“This really hammers home how important our sector is to the economy. When we were open, albeit with restrictions, in the summer, our return to growth contributed to the economy growing.”

She added: “The figures highlight our power as an economic driver and show why we should be at the heart of plans to revitalise the economy. Hospitality must be prioritised once vaccines have been rolled out to the vulnerable and an exit strategy has been determined.

“We need to be supported properly if we are expected to power economic growth and spearhead the country’s revival. The level of support has to reflect the hit that the sector has taken and ensure those hardest hit receive the proper help they need.”

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