Gambia: Gtboard, BLG Set for Alliance

In the quest to achieve the strategic objective through regional tourism and increase number of tourism’s contribution to country’s GDP and increase the number of tourists’ arrival in the country, the director of Marketing of GTBoard has disclosed plans in forming alliance with the Ancient City of Badagry Local Government (BLG) in Nigeria.

In order to make this a reality, Adama Njie, director of Marketing – GTBoard and Mamadi Dampha, deputy permanent secretary at MoTC, on their recent visit to Nigeria met some strategic and viable partners, including Ambassador Ikechi Uko, organiser of Akwaaba African Travel Market and a seasoned travel and tourism expert in Africa, tour operators, airlines, and toured City of Badagary among other places in the country.

Dilating on a meeting between The Gambia delegates and Badagary Local Government, Lagos State, Nigeria, facilitated by the Ssupervisor for Environment and Tourism at Badagry Local Government, Adama Njie said it was a successful meeting where both The Gambia delegation and the host BLG used the opportunity to sell the potentials of Badagry and The Smiling Coast of Africa to each other.

Among the Gambia high points was the revitalisation of the regional market with Nigeria, how to bring back glory of The Gambia in Nigeria, incentive packages awaiting them (Nigerian tourists) in destination Gambia in terms of building 2, 3 star hotels in the hinterland and 4, 5 star hotels on the coast.

Also, Mr. Njie said both parties gave detail of their potential areas regarding history, culture, nature and business opportunities (in both Nigeria and The Gambia).