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Food Trucks on Demand – News

Neighborhood visits are offering food trucks in the D.C. region a “rare bright spot during a financially difficult time,” according to an article by Nevin Martell.

The example of Kim Gandy, a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland illustrates the concept. Gandy, with the help of some collaborators, sent a survey to a neighborhood listserv to gauge interest in a regular appointment with a D.C. food truck. The interest has been profound on both sides of the equation—residents and food truck operators.

“Between last September and January, Money Muscle BBQ earned almost equal revenue from doing neighborhood visits with their food truck as they did from selling on Uber Eats,” reports Martell. “They sell food on the delivery app five days a week, while only booking one or two food truck outings per week.”

Arranging regular neighborhood visits by food trucks can be time consuming, however, so another local resident of Silver Spring, Kyley McGeeney, is coaching people who want to bring food trucks to their neighborhoods “by sharing a master vendor list and walking them through every step of the process,” according to Martell. The article includes more advice on how to set up food truck events complaint with local regulations. 

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