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To usher in the Year of the Golden Ox, Purple Cane Tea Cuisine has a good selection of festive menus for your family gatherings. Most of the dishes are enhanced with tea for added aroma. Flavours are not too heavy, yet the refreshing nuances are perfect for these meals to be shared with loved ones for good health and abundant prosperity.

Abalone Yee Sang with Passionfruit Sauce

Heart-warming dishes like Abalone Yee Sang with Passionfruit Sauce infused with Long Jing tea is perfect to start a festive meal. I like how fresh vegetables and fruits are used in this Yee Sang  making it so crunchy and refreshing.

Monggolian-style Prawns with Butter & Black Pepper

Monggolian-style Saute’ed Prawns with Butter & Black Pepper is given a light fruity note using Lychee Black Tea.  Buttery and peppery flavours go well and enhance the sweet prawns, easily making it one of our favourites in the menu!

Saute’ed Celery with Mushrooms & Walnuts
Steamed Sliced Garoupa with Minced Pickles

The Joyful Happiness Set we tried also features a delightful Saute’ed Celery with Mushrooms and Walnuts (enhanced with Tie Guan Yin tea), Steamed Sliced Garoupa with Minced Pickles & fragranced with Jasmine Tea and Steamed Kampung Chicken with Dried Oysters enriched with Oolong Tea.

Steamed Kampung Chicken with Dried Oysters

Of course there are desserts to round off the feast.  A “tongsui” of Sweetened Peach Resin with Longan (infused with Lychee Black Tea) and Deep-fried Golden Rice Cake (perfumed with Green Tea) ends the meal on a light & easy note.  Throughout the meal, sip on Purple Cane’s Year 2020 Yunnan Zheng He San Hao Ripe Puer Tea!

Peach Resin & Longan “Tongsui”; Deep-fried Golden Rice Balls

This Joyful Happiness Set is priced at RM368 for 3-4 pax, which is a pretty good bargain.  Quality ingredients are used and dishes are thoughtfully infused with the right teas to enhance and bring out the natural tastiness of the ingredients.

Bigger sets and a la carte dishes are also available on the menu, for takeaway & delivery.

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@ The Gardens Mall: +603-2283-6090/012-719-3090

@ Shaw Parade: +603-2145-3090/012-716-3090

Purple Cane Signature Kitchen @The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall: +603-2272-3090/012-704-3090

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