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Farzi Café Merges Traditional Tastes with Molecular Gastronomy

Farzi Café recently opened its second branch in Dubai at Mall of the Emirates and it’s conveniently located, with outdoor patio seating or indoor tables. The space is plush with greenery and boasts a fun vibe. They have also introduced an exclusively vegan menu which has some treats to be enjoyed.

We started with their smoking amuse bouche—a mango molecular gastronomy treat followed by three different kinds of mocktails, also in molecular gastronomy style; including the Rosemary Smash and the Very Berry Sangria.

Our first starter was one of my favorites—the burrata salad with a twist as the chef placed the kale into liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze it and place it back into the salad with the rest of the fresh ingredients, including tomatoes (green and red), creamy burrata, with tadka yogurt and gram grits to add crunch and the desi twist. Another starter—the deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie in a moon shaped dish with Wagyu beef cuts atop of mashed potatoes, dehydrated beet root and garnished with tiny edible flowers, was satisfying and flavorful. The smoking traditional mushroom tikka was another treat, served in a molecular gastronomy style with a spicy, heady sauce and chunks of mushrooms. And another favorite— the Madras Pepper prawns were spicy, and had a distinctive South Indian flavor with the tempered mustard leaves garnishing and the mini curd rice mounds dotting the plate.

Our mains were a nice amalgamation of dishes; we tucked into the Shawarma Biryani which was literally tender marinated morsels of lamb placed vertically on a steel skewer atop biryani rice, served with a mild raita. The juicy Awadhi mutton seekh kebobs were served with mini mint Indian breads and a type of Indian Baba Ganoush. Then the grand finale; a south Indian style live seared Wagyu beef coastal curry, and tempered with fried curry leaves, served with rice hoppers for dipping.

Desserts were as superb—we loved the crispy kunafa nest which had a creamy saffron reduction poured over to create a juxtaposition of crunchy and creamy. The showstopper however, was the live cooking tawa mithai in which the server added various types of Indian sweets to the hot griddle for a sinfully rich treat.

Visit: Farzi Café, Mall of the Emirates

04 335 9539

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