Ethiopia: Addis Mega Projects Changing Livelihoods, Reviving Tourism Industry

ADDIS ABABA- The inauguration of numerous mega projects in Addis Ababa have brought about significant outcomes for residents and the economy of the metropolis, according to the Deputy Mayor.

The Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe made the above remark during the inauguration of Meskel Square over the last weekend. She highlighted that the successful execution of mega projects including Unity, Sheger and Entoto parks and Meskel Square, among others have brought tangible results in ensuring the socio-economic benefits of residents and generating a sizable number of jobs for the youth.

Accordingly, the smart parking, green cafeterias, and other services providing small shops installed in Meskel Square employed a significant number of citizens. “The Meskel Square-Municipal project is not only a project but it is a showcase to demonstrate our ability and perseverance to discharge such a mega project in a timely manner.” The Square would host various political, social, economic and religious events including sports activities.

By the same token, expert in the tourism development sector, Yonas Andargie applauded the timely completion and inauguration of the aforementioned projects. The execution of the projects without delay plays an indispensable role in promoting the tourism sector.

“The newly inaugurated projects make Addis Ababa one of the most preferable destinations for international tourists thereby enabling the metropolis generating substantial revenue from the sector.”

As to the expert, the government is expected to draft a conducive policy framework, ensure peace and stability and promote investors’ participation to ensure sustainable growth in the tourism industry and providing jobs to new entrants of the labour market.

Apart from stimulating Ethiopia’s tourism industry, Unity, Sheger, and Entoto parks encourage local and multinational investors to explore new investment opportunities in the untapped sector.

Likewise, the effective completion of projects would enhance the city’s capacity to host international trade shows, conferences, sports events and concerts thereby enhancing foreign currency earnings, Yonas stated.

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