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Essential Tips on How to Maintain Your RV Generator

Essential Tips on How to Maintain Your RV Generator

Camping is a fun and exciting thing to do. However, it demands ample preparation, and it may also require a significant amount of investment. It pays to be wiser in making substantial investments for camping equipment and trailer. 

RV generator is one of the most vital devices you will carry with you once you are on the trip. While a generator may require a significant sum of money, there are ways to maximize your investment in such equipment. 

To be wise in investment means taking care of your generator to avoid costly repairs and possible replacement. This article shall unearth the helpful ways of maintaining your RV generator. 

What is RV Generator? 

An RV generator is an essential equipment for your dry camping experience. It provides electricity for your vehicle and onboard appliances. Thus, it provides comfort and makes your trip more bearable. You can widen your option of which RV generator to choose for your trip by visiting The website offers an in-depth analysis of every RV generator brand. 

Having established that a generator is one of the many things you have to consider before camping, it pays to know the different types and models of the best RV generators in the market nowadays.  

There are three types of RV generators. These are the diesel-powered, propane-powered, and gas-powered generators. As their names imply, they utilize diesel, propane, and gasoline as their propellant, respectively. The diesel-powered generator is known for its low noise level feature and portability. Meanwhile, the propane-powered generator is famous for its cost-efficient and environment-friendly qualities. On the other hand, the gasoline-powered generator is praised for utilizing a propellant that’s easy-to-find and affordable. While these products have their uniqueness and similarities, you must examine your vehicle, needs, onboard appliances, and trip details to find a suitable generator that will suit your plans.  

There are several factors to think of before purchasing an RV generator. These include power output, portability, noise level, fuel consumption, and the generator’s overall construction. There are numerous top-rated device brands such as Honda, Westinghouse, Champion Power Equipment, WEN, DuroMax, and DuroStar. 

Ways to Take Care of Your RV Generator 

By now, you may have already decided about which brand of generator you will purchase. The next important thing to know is the ways for you to maintain your energy bank. Taking care of your generator means saving from trips to the repair shop and lowering the possibility of replacement that might fracture your finances.  

Generator Usage 

One of the critical things in maintaining an RV generator is regular usage. When you are not camping or during the offseason, it is essential to check your oil level and run the generator for at least 60 minutes every four weeks to ensure that the device works properly. 

This type of practice demands using appliances to ensure that the generator runs at least 50% load capacity. Please do not run the generator for an extended period without utilizing it to power appliances or large devices. Please do not remove the door panel or any cover of the generator when it is running. The covers are there for a specific airflow; the alteration of any exterior part may cause problems. 

Hour Meter Checkup 

The hour meter displays the total amount of time your generator has been running. The time indicated in the hour meter determines how many times the oil must be changed. 

Vents and Tubes Inspection 

Particles that may potentially block the cooling vents may overheat your device. For a liquid cooling system, it is equally important to check the cooling vent level and inspect whether particles have penetrated the radiator or not. 

Oil Change and Filter Cleaning 

In changing the generator’s oil, you should first replace the oil filter and ensure that the coolant level is at its maximum capacity. Ideally, the oil to be used must be warm. Usually, oil replacement takes place within the first 50 hours of usage. After that, the frequency of oil change is for every 150 hours. For a longer lifespan of the generator, you should replace the air filter every 500 hours. 


Though it requires a thorough inspection from time to time, having a reactional vehicle is advantageous for adventure-seekers. To realize the idea of going on adventures stress-free, you must know the basics of taking care and maintaining your pieces of equipment and devices.  

RV Generators are lifesavers in dark moments. Acquiring them requires a significant amount of investment. Thus, it is reasonable to know how to maintain them to avoid future problems that may cause an arm and a leg. 

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