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Elevated Platform Parks Proposed in Draft Los Angeles River Master Plan – News

A multi-year effort to revitalize the Los Angeles River took a big step forward a few days ago when the county of Los Angeles released the draft version of the updated Los Angeles River Master Plan. The nearly 500-page document details the needs of the communities along the river, the geographical and environmental constraints that need to be considered when addressing those needs, and the potential opportunities and projects that can help to rejuvenate the 51-mile waterway.

One of the ideas detailed in the Master Plan is the development of elevated platform parks which would cover portions of the river to create new spaces for parks. Such parks are conceptually similar to cap parks that have been built over segments of freeways.  However, the notion of elevated platform parks is proofing to be controversial, with some environmental groups already stating their objection. The groups want the plan to focus on the naturalization of the river and are against parks created on giant concrete planks and girders, even if they would support a lush landscape of trees, grass, scenic ponds, horse trails, and walking paths.   

To review the draft Master Plan, please visit the project website

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