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Egypt to increase construction exports to Iraq to $7bn – Middle East Monitor

Egypt is planning to raise its exports of construction materials to Iraq to $7 billion, according to the New Khaleej, which cited the head of the General Division of Building Materials at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Ahmed Al-Zeini.

The news website cited an Iraqi official saying that Egyptian companies are in charge of reconstruction in the Iraqi governorates of Nineveh, Saladin and Anbar, in addition to the district of Samara; where they are not facing competition from other companies.

Additionally, 20 Egyptian companies will take part in building housing units in 15 Iraqi governorates, according to the head of the Iraqi contractors union, Fakher Al-Sanafi.

Egyptian companies are expected to build several restaurants, hotels and resorts. They will also build 35 hospitals in ten governorates and develop natural gas-fired power plants.

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