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Egypt reveals truth about sale of ports, airports to foreign parties – Middle East Monitor

The Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers on Friday revealed the truth about what has been circulating on social media and news websites about the sales of ports and airports to foreign parties.

The Media Centre of the Council of Ministers denied the news about selling Egyptian ports and airports to foreign parties, adding that what is being circulated is untrue.

The ministries stressed that the Egyptian ports and airports are, and will continue to be, wholly owned by the state and subject to Egyptian sovereignty. The ministries also explained that the Egyptian state is implementing an integrated strategy to develop the maritime transport system, to maximise the competitiveness of the country’s ports and keep pace with global developments in the field of transport.

The ministries indicated that the development strategy includes raising the efficiency of the infrastructure and superstructure and employing the latest systems in the field of information technology. In addition, there will be a comprehensive development plan in favour of Egyptian airports by implementing several infrastructure development projects and raising the efficiency of services provided to passengers. Security systems will also be upgraded.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation confirmed that within the framework of the state’s plan to develop Egyptian airports, the highest international standards to maintain passengers and workers’ health and safety will be applied. The authorities have taken advantage of air and passenger traffic suspension at airports caused by the COVID-19 crisis to set forth an extensive maintenance campaign at Egyptian airports.

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