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Egypt authorities launch investigation into school allegedly turned into a brothel – Middle East Monitor

Egypt authorities have launched an investigation into a school that was allegedly turned into a brothel, reports The New Arab.

Seven people at the school were charged after the director of the school accused the guard of facilitating a six-month prostitution operation.

The news was announced by Sisi ally and TV anchor Amr Adeeb.

In April last year, 10 women and six men were arrested after being accused of taking part in an orgy in a gym in the Nozha neighbourhood of Cairo.

egyThe Egyptian authorities have started an increased crackdown on a number of people on immorality charges.

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In particular, it has targeted female influencers for what is says is violating family values and debauchery.

Following the Fairmont Hotel rape incident, three female witnesses to the gang rape were arrested and investigated for drug abuse, inciting debauchery and participating in an orgy.

Earlier this month, Egyptian security services arrested a chef that made cakes in the shape of male and female private parts for a birthday party in Al-Jazirah Club.

One source in the security forces said that it was “incitement to immorality.”

The state-run press reported that members of the club complained that the party goers and party organiser should be arrested.

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