Egypt: Antiquities Ministry Organizes Mummies Restoration Program in Fayoum

A training workshop on mummies conservation and restoration organized by the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities Conservation and Restoration Researches & Training Department will kickstart in Fayoum Governorate Monday.

In statements Sunday Dr. Rania Ahmed Ali, the department’s head said the mummification process in ancient Egypt attests to the brilliance of old Egyptians and opens a window on the world of the ancient Egyptians.

The program comes within the framework of the Central Department of Antiquities Maintenance and Restoration’s strategy in this regard, she said.

The course, the third of its kind, is meant to train and raise the efficiency of workers specialized in mummies restoration in Fayoum, southwest Cairo and el-Wahat el-Bahariya using appropriate and safe substances, she added.

Trainees will be provided with fully-detailed explanation on mummy wrap fabric, all highly-recommended mummification materials required for the process, along with ways to deal with other archaeological findings that might be attached to the mummies, according to the official.

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