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Cincinnati Tenants Can Still Access Rental Assistance Funds

The Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio reminds renters and landlords that financial assistance is still available for those who need it, writes Meredith Stutz. “Our advice is that if a tenant is behind on their rent, they should talk to their landlord, and they should work with their landlord,” said Legal Aid Society Director John Schrider.

“[Q]ualifying local residents and landlords may contact St. Vincent de Paul, Freestore Foodbank, Community Action Agency and Talbert House to apply for rent assistance. Schrider said these organizations received funding through the first federal coronavirus relief bill specifically to distribute to those needing rent assistance and still have funding available even after [last] Saturday’s moratorium deadline.” While the process may be slow, Schrider advised tenants and landlords to “stick with it,” saying “[t]hings can almost certainly work out for everybody’s advantage.”

The federal eviction moratorium, which expired last Saturday, was meant to help tenants who fell behind on rent during the COVID-19 pandemic stay in their homes. This Tuesday, the CDC announced a new, limited evictions ban that will stay in effect until October 3 and apply to areas with high transmission and infection rates.

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