Carnival’s CEO Said the Cruise Line Likely Won’t Require Vaccinations

It’s been exactly one year since cruise lines from the U.S. put their ships on hold due to the ongoing health pandemic.

As cruise lines work with the CDC on the gradual resumption of cruises, a handful of smaller cruise lines have stated that they will require all passengers to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

It’s been a hot topic among cruisers wondering if other cruise lines will require them to receive the vaccine in order for them to board a cruise ship this year.

None of the major cruise lines have yet to make vaccines a requirement.  Carnival Corporation’s CEO Arnold Donald told the Financial Times over the weekend that the company probably will not require cruise passengers to be vaccinated.

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However, he did say that they may make it mandatory for cruises that are geared towards seniors.

When Carnival does resume sailings, they will start with a few cruise ships and gradually add more back into service.  Not all of Carnival’s cruise lines will start back up at once.

Carnival currently has all cruises canceled through the end of May, with some ships already scheduled to remain out of service until later this year.

At this time, it is not known when cruises will be able to start back up from U.S. ports.

Carnival Corporation is the world’s largest cruise company operating nine cruise lines and over 80 cruise ships.

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