Carnival Cruise Line Removes June Cruises From Booking Engine

Carnival Cruise Line has removed all cruises in June from their booking engine but has yet to make an announcement regarding these sailings.

Carnival’s cruises in June were removed overnight. You can no longer make a new booking or see any of these cruises on their website.

Two weeks ago, Carnival’s President Christine Duffy said that they were hoping that they would be given the opportunity to offer cruises in June.  In recent weeks, the cruise industry has begun a push to see cruises from U.S. ports resume in July.

Carnival Cruise Line currently has all cruises canceled through the end of May.  In the past, they have removed cruises from their booking engine prior to announcing their cancelation.

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Carnival recently stated that they have not made any decisions about a vaccine requirement and they have no plans to move cruise ships to homeports in the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Cruise Fever will update this article if Carnival makes an official announcement about June sailings.

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