Carnival Cruise Line Gives Update on Cruises, Ships, and Vaccines

As several cruise lines announce that they are moving cruise ships away from U.S. ports this summer so they can resume sailings on a few cruise ships, Carnival Cruise Line issued an update on their summer plans for travel.

Carnival Cruise Line’s President Christine Duffy sent out a four minute video detailing the cruise line’s plans for summer cruises in 2021.

Duffy said that Carnival Cruise Line currently does not have any plans to move cruise ships away from U.S. ports so they can resume service.  She went on to say that Carnival Cruise Line is America’s Cruise Line and they sail from 14 different homeports around the country.

Fifty percent of Carnival’s cruises are less than seven days and a significant number of Carnival cruisers drive to the port. The cruise line also carries more families and children than any other line.

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Carnival Cruise Line has not made any decisions about vaccines begin a requirement for sailing.  Currently, all cruise lines that are moving ships away from U.S. ports to resume sailings have made vaccines a requirement for those 18 and older.

Carnival has not canceled June cruises at this time and they are hoping they will be given the opportunity to resume sailings.  Those who are booked on a June cruise can now cancel without penalty and final payment dates have been moved for June cruises until April 30.

Duffy finished her remarks by talking about how all Americans who want the vaccine will be able to get it by the end of May. This had lead Carnival to be optimistic that travel will reopen this summer.

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