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Carfree Bridge Planned Near Portland – News

“The Oregon Department of Transportation has just released visualizations of potential alignments for a new carfree bridge across the Willamette River that would connect Oregon City and West Linn,” reports Jonathan Maus.

Bike Portland has been reporting on the “Oregon City-West Linn Pedestrian-Bicycle Bridge Concept Plan” since the new bridge was announced last fall. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is hoping that having a plan in place will create funding opportunities for new forms of federal funding emerging from the Biden administration’s economic recovery efforts. ODOT is planning the new bridge in partnership with the cities of West Linn and Oregon City, Clackamas County, and Metro.

According to Maus, ODOT “understands that a new bridge for bikers, walkers, and mobility device users will help cities on both sides of the river capitalize on future demand given the myriad tourism, real estate, and transportation infrastructure developments planned for the area.”

The current plan includes consideration for five potential alignments—three options south of the existing Oregon City-West Linn Arch Bridge and two north of it. The list of five alternatives was culled with the help of public feedback from 15 previous alternatives.

ODOT is already seeking public comment on the bridge plans revealed this week, with an online open house running through April 13.

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