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Bruti Waterfall: A Scenic Half Day Hiking

With the temperatures getting higher and the lack of activities at the moment due to lockdown restrictions, Bruti waterfall will be the perfect half day activity to spend a nice morning hiking and swimming.

Since living in Islamabad for almost 2 years now, I became quite a fan of hiking in the Margalla Hills with a promised reward at the end: that being a nice cup of chai or a refreshing swim. It keeps me motivated throughout the hike.

Bruti waterfall’s close proximity to the popular Trail 5 in the Margalla Hills and Bari Imam shrine attracts hundreds of visitors all year round.

Also it’s one of the best ways to beat the heat during the long summer season, so near Islamabad, with the fresh pond surrounded by the natural shade of the mountains.

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How to get to Bruti Waterfall

From Islamabad it’s about 20 minutes’ drive. You have to leave your car in at Loh-e-Dandi parking area (easy to reach by putting this on Google maps).

From there you start walking until you reach the Bari Imam Shrine where you’ll find a chowk. There turn right and continue your trek to Bruti waterfall. This way you will walk straight up the waterfall without passing through Trail 5.

Hiking Trail to Bruti Waterfall

We started at about seven in morning while it was still tolerable to hike. During the summer months it can be quite hot and humid so that was a good time to start.

I visited during the week so no one was around. Most likely if you visit during the summer months at the weekends it will be busy.

The best way to do the trek is to walk along the river and it was quite easy to reach the waterfall that way.

It takes a good hour to reach the waterfall pond with a few stops for water and snacks along the way. It was an easy hike and the waterfall pond was very clean and fresh, incredible!

As an interesting adding point to your track you can visit the Monal restaurant as it it’s near this hiking trail with a few interesting small villages to see along the way.





I really recommend this trip to Bruti on a sunny day to make the most of swimming in the fresh water pond. It’s also worth it just for the hike if you’re not interested in swimming.

Also please take care of the area and do not litter, let’s keep the environment clean!

I would love to hear your experiences and let me know if you have any questions about the hiking and the waterfall.


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