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Bristol hoteliers outline Budget wishlist to MPs | Article

Hoteliers in Bristol are calling on the government for additional support for the industry ahead of the chancellor’s upcoming second budget in March.

The Bristol Hoteliers Association has published a “wishlist” which includes extending the furlough scheme, extending the reduced rate of VAT for hospitality businesses for another 12 months, and a 100% holiday on business rates, covering the next financial year.

Raphael Herzog, chair of the Bristol Hoteliers Association, wrote to local MPs asking them to
push the Chancellor to include these measures in his budget.

Herzog said: “I am confident that, with these measures, our hospitality businesses can do their bit to help this great country build back better and stronger than ever. We can start to employ more people, support our local supplies and build on our sense of local pride, investing in our premises and places.

“Most importantly, we can go back to doing what we do best, providing a fantastic experience for our customers and bringing people in our community together. Furlough has been a lifeline for so many of us, but it will take time to recover, so we need that extended.”


He added: “The VAT cut will help us provide an affordable experience for our customers, many of whom will have had financial struggles of their own. Being able to afford to come to our hotels will help boost the local economy.

“The business rates holiday will help reduce our costs, enabling us to put our businesses on a more sustainable footing and go some way to securing our long-term recovery. As more and more people get vaccinated, the lockdown restrictions will hopefully begin to ease and
in that case, we are expecting a strong summer.”


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