Botswana: Programme to Benefit Tourism Sector

Maun — Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Basic Education, Ms Bridget John, says introduction of a multiple pathways programme at Maun Senior Secondary School will benefit the business community.

She said this after touring construction of the hospitality and tourism facility at the school on Monday.

The facility comprises a six rooms mini hotel, which is expected to offer practicals on hospitality and tourism subjects to the first batch of the Form 4s.

Ms John said the new programme aimed at transforming the education system to benefit the business community especially the tourism sector

The multiple pathway approach, she said, would focus on strengthening skills development and improving quality, relevance and access to education.

“This programme is relevant as it will shape the future of our pupils once they complete their studies. Pupils will be more into practical work and those who fail academically to secure slots at tertiary institutions will be able to apply their skills to earn a living,” she added.

The permanent secretary also stated that the multiple pathway approach would be piloted at Maun Senior Secondary school and Moeng College.

Moeng would offer crop production skills.

Ms John further noted that teachers had been trained and empowered to deliver in line with an outcome based education.

She also appreciated that even though the Maun project was reported to be two weeks behind schedule, it would not affect the learning process since the school would be focusing on theory during the first term.

The facility, she added, would be needed during the second term for practical work.

Ms John urged the contractor to up his game and ensure that the contractual period was met.

The project manager, who is also the director of Agora Properties, Mr Albert Welfing said a lot of work had been achieved even though the project was behind schedule.

He attributed the delay to continuous rain, adding that despite procuring material long before the contractor could need it, they experienced some shortfalls during the course of work.

Mr Welfing also noted that the contractor was doing all his best to recover for the lost time and deliver the project on time.

Source : BOPA

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