Botswana: Kgalagadi in Spotlight for Tourism Development

Gaborone — Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism is in the process of empowering communities by identifying areas with tourism potential through which they can benefit.

This was said by the minister incharge, Ms Phildah Kereng Wednesday in response to a question tabled in Ntlo Ya Dikgosi.

She stated that the process had started with campsites and that Two Rivers and BORAVAST Community Trust had been identified as beneficiaries.

Ms Kereng said guidelines for management and handling of campsites were being developed and would be shared with Kgalagadi South Sub-district Council by the end of February.

She said the ministry, with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), had supported BORAVAST Community Trust for the development of a charcoal production project.

Through the collaboration, trust members had been trained with equipment procured for charcoal production, she stated.

Ms Kereng said the ministry had also identified a heritage trail through Kgalagadi South together with sites for camping.

She revealed that value chain studies had been undertaken for Kgalagadi aimed at stimulating the region’s economy implementation of which would be undertaken through UNDP sponsorship.

The ministry, she stated, was exploring other areas with tourism potential within Kgalagadi South for the community to utilise and earn a living.

Among the areas that the ministry was working with Ms Kereng mentioned Khuis and Bokspits.