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‘Bikeshare Transit Act’ Would Make Federal Transit Funding Available for Micromobility – News

“Bike- and scooter-share systems across the country may soon be eligible for the federal transit dollars they need to remain a stable and thriving element of our transportation landscape, if advocates succeed in getting a hard-fought bill through Congress,” reports Kea Wilson.

The legislation is being championed by members of the Congressional Bike Caucus, chaired by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, who authored the bill. (The Bike Caucus should not be confused with the Future of Transportation Caucus, though they share common members.)

The “long-stalled” Bikeshare Transit Act, as the bill is named, “would amend federal code to include micromobility projects under the umbrella of transit improvements that may get USDOT funding,” according to Wilson. “Right now, transit agencies can use federal money to build parking for privately owned bikes at stops and stations, but not for micromobility hubs that riders could use to complete the last mile or two of their journey.”

The new funding would be available in the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program. The article includes a lot of detail about the market and political realities driving the reforms proposed in the new law.

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