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Best motel management system on the market

Choosing an online or cloud based motel management system to run your property is the perfect decision to take a step forward. Your business will now no longer be reliant upon slow manual processes that distract you and take away the amount of time you have to focus on your guests.

However, deciding to evolve your motel property operations to a management system is one thing, investing in the best provider is another. There are plenty of options on the market but only one is the right fit for your business.

Little Hotelier has everything a small motel property needs to run a smoother, more profitable, motel business.

When making up your mind it can be helpful to consider a number of key questions:

  1. Will your motel management system take care of your operational tasks?
  2. Does the technology you’re considering have a simple calendar system to drag and drop reservations, create new reservations, and close rooms?
  3. Can the software quickly perform bulk uploads of data?
  4. Does it enable rates and availability to be updated instantly on your website and all your booking channels?
  5. Will you be able to set check-in and check-out times and print a run sheet to stay organised each day?
  6. Can you own the guest relationship with and pre and post-stay emails?
  7. Are there reporting functions to analyse your best performing booking sites, occupancy rates, promotions and more?
  8. Is more revenue available to you via the sale of extras and promotions at the time of booking?
  9. Can you login to the software via a mobile app so you can even manage your motel remotely?
  10. Are payments going to be seamless for both you and your guests?

These are important checkpoints to tick off when deciding which motel management system you will commit to. Little Hotelier can fortunately cover all these bases, along with along with easily integrating with your booking engine and channel manager.

  • An online booking engine will enable your property take commission-free bookings straight from your website and Facebook page.
  • channel manager delivers better room distribution by allowing you to sell all your rooms on as many channels as possible, automatically updating your rates and availability.

Little Hotelier also offers both these features.

With many top providers making similar offers, you might be looking for points of difference. Little Hotelier’s mobile app and payments solution strive to make life easier for small operators.

Your mobile app will let you get away from your front desk and take care of your back end operations from anywhere, without needing to be at your property looking at your computer.

Little Hotelier Pay is an initiative that lets you process deposits, payments and refunds instantly in Little Hotelier. The guest experience will be more seamless and you won’t have to worry about constantly using payment terminals.

Check out Little Hotelier in this short video:

Free motel management software

When you find an effective technology solution for your motel, the reality is that it will come at a price. The work that goes into producing a system that can handle all your property’s operational tasks is very sophisticated and is constantly being developed and improved.

However, the top motel management software providers should offer a free trial period, allowing you to experience the full benefits of the product without yet committing to a purchase decision.

Little Hotelier’s free trial period runs for 30 days and once you sign up you’ll be contacted within one business day to get your trial started. During the trial you’ll see how all the features work, including if you use the motel reservation software to capture more direct bookings. Local support staff will guide you through the entire process.

One month should be all it takes to realise the benefits a motel property management system like Little Hotelier can deliver to your property not only on a day-to-day basis, but also in the form of long term business goals such as increasing bookings and revenue.

Little Hotelier’s prices are more than competitive, starting from AUD$123/month (USD104 & GBP66) if your property has five rooms or less. For 15 rooms, it’s about AUD$180/month (USD126 & GBP100), while some competitors list their lowest price for 15 rooms at AUD$199/month (USD 140 & GBP356).

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