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Avoiding Crowds at National Parks – News

Have the great outdoors been ever more popular? It seems that many are eager to spend time in nature these days after being cooped up at home for too long due to the COVID-19 pandemic. America’s national parks are getting lots of love and visits these days. Not surprisingly, they have been referred to as “America’s Best Idea” as director/producer Ken Burns shares in a popular documentary series. In this article, Robert and Martha Manning offer seven tips for “finding beautiful, less crowded spots and precious moments of solitude, even in the most popular of these wonderful destinations,” based on their many years of visiting, working, and living in the national parks:

  1. Visit lesser-known national parks.
  2. Find little-known havens within a park.
  3. Visit in the off-seasons.
  4. Get out of your car and walk.
  5. Use public transit when available.
  6. Rise early and/or stay late.
  7. Purchase park passes and supplies before arriving.

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