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Announcement on Welsh tourism reopening expected this week | Article

Wales’ first minister is set to make a decision on whether parts of the country’s tourism industry can reopen ahead of Easter later this week.

Mark Drakeford confirmed last week that self-contained holiday accommodation may be allowed to reopen from 27 March if Covid-19 infections remain low.

Drakeford reiterated that he would announce later this week whether self-contained holiday accommodation can continue to reopen and if travel restrictions will be relaxed for holidaymakers, depending on data.

Furthermore, Drakeford has warned hoteliers against accepting bookings from English tourists due to the fear of increasing the rate of infection.

The first minister said: “There are some parts of Wales where the position is not as good as we would like it to be. People who follow the news will have seen that Paris has gone back into lockdown again.

“We’ve known all along how fast circumstances can change in coronavirus and that’s why it’s important to wait until the last moment you can in order to make these decisions, because that’s when you have the best and latest data.”


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