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A New Transit Plan for Suburban Georgia – News

Henry County, Georgia, located just south and west of Atlanta, is seeking public comment on an update of its 30-year Transit Master Plan (TMP), according to an article published by the Henry County Times.

According to a presentation available online, the county is updating the TMP to account for population and employment growth in the county and to keep pace with transit innovations and policy changes in the wider region in recent years. The process is just getting underway, with a final TMP expected by September 2021.

Leon Stafford provides additional news coverage of the Henry County Transit Master Plan Update in a potentially paywalled article for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“The county, the second fastest growing in the area, is talking transit because of changing demographics and a population with needs that may not be easily met with cars,” according to Stafford.

“Henry also has struggled with increasing road congestion from infrastructure that hasn’t been able to keep up with its growth. In addition, a burgeoning warehousing industry has resulted in truck bottlenecks.” Stafford reported in January on the county’s decision to implement a moratorium on warehouse development, which have accounted for 35 percent of the county’s growth over the last decade and a half.

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