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A Game-Changing Bike and Pedestrian Bridge Opens in Portland – News

Jonathan Maus reports on the opening of a new pedestrian- and bike-only bridge in Portland.

The Flanders Crossing Bridge cost $9.5 million to span the Interstate 405 freeway. At 24 feet wide and 200 feet across, the bridge also has the distinction of being the only seismically resilient bridge across the freeway, according to Maus.

“It was built to withstand a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and is expected to be used by emergency vehicles in the event of a disaster,” Maus.

Even better: “The bridge unlocks safe, convenient, access to tens of thousands of employees and residents in the Pearl and Northwest districts. This project is a massive win for the people of Portland, our economy, and our planet.”

What’s more, the new bridge comes with a substantial investment in the bikeway that connects to the bridge. “There are new signals at 15th and 16th as well as new lane striping and traffic calming that will reduce the number of drivers on Flanders and make bicycle riding less stressful,” reports Maus. “It’s a rare neighborhood greenway in the central city.”

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