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A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Jet Charter Company

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Jet Charter Company

A jet charter company provides you with a safe escape route from all the inconveniences that commercial jets impose upon flyers. However, the kind of company you choose will determine the level of comfort, safety, and convenience you will enjoy while onboard. This guide shows you how to choose the best private jet company that meets your flying needs. Read on.

Your safety is paramount, and you can’t compromise it for anything. The FAA regulates all private jet companies to ensure that they meet fundamental safety requirements. However, the best company would go an extra mile beyond these demands. 

It’s critical to ask for the company’s FAA carrier certificate and D085. If the company can’t provide this certificate, it must be operating illegally, or you are dealing with a broker.

It’s also necessary to ask around from your trusted friends and family members if you are a novice charter flyer. You can consider your contacts’ recommendation for any private jet company to get an honest opinion. Remember, a satisfied customer is the most reliable marketer for any business. Afterward, you can use the internet and private jet charter applications to find out more details. These can give you accurate information regarding the jets’ sizes, ranges, seating capacity, and possible prices. 

Jet size is another factor you should consider before settling for a given private jet company. The reason is that the company will charge you based on the available jet size. Different jet sizes have different ranges of prices, amenities, and speeds.

Therefore, choosing a jet depends on whether it caters to your needs or not to get the best value for your money. Understanding the jets’ sizes will ensure you make a balanced decision and not rush to save money by compromising your comfort and convenience. For instance, a midsize jet is faster and will fly nonstop, saving you more money than a smaller and slower jet that will stop for refueling, wasting your time. 

  • Experience of the Company

A company’s experience in the market also plays a critical role in your decision-making process. It affects the pricing and quality of the service. An experienced jet charter company employs some of the best and highly trained pilots and other crew members. Thus, you would naturally expect these employees to receive more wages than those with lesser experience. Additionally, their higher salaries also mean they serve passengers better. Highly experienced pilots translate to higher security due to more cautious jet handling. So, get all these facts to know what you are most likely to pay that extra dollar for.

Private jets have varying ranges. For example, light jets have shorter ranges, making them ideal for shorter destinations. This type of jet will not serve you best when you need to travel to farther destinations because it will need to make several refuel stops. Therefore, the kind of jets a company has will determine its destination ranges. 

Every private jet flyer chooses this path because they want to enjoy better amenities, among other things. Some jet companies offer their travelers high-speed internet connections, making them ideal for business executives who want to work on the go. Others also provide deluxe cabins and dedicated bedrooms. Some jets even offer conferencing facilities. 

The jet company’s crew determines your experience on the jet. For example, experienced flight attendants enhance the quality of service. Industry standards require a private jet pilot to have flown a minimum of 5,000 hours. Additionally, the pilots should attend simulation-based emergency training at least yearly.

Make sure that the jet company you wish to choose takes care of your privacy. The company must keep your details private in its online and offline databases. Additionally, the company should guarantee you exclusive access to secure, remote departure points. This way, you can travel without worrying about public attention because nobody will know you are traveling.  

Lastly, look for cost-effectiveness when choosing a private jet company. Yes, chartering a jet is indeed costly. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t compare the prevailing market rates at any given moment. It would be best to get final costs via precise quotes to avoid bumping into surprise expenses in your final invoice. 

Settling for a private jet company requires caution to give you value for your money because it’s not a cheap affair. Use the suggestions in this guide to make your next choice worth every coin and effort.

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