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80% of Israelis believe Israel is heading to 5th elections – Middle East Monitor

More than three-quarters of Israelis believe that Israel is heading to its fifth elections in two years due to the ongoing political stalemate and fragmented blocs within the Israeli Knesset, Shehab News Agency reported on Sunday.

A survey conducted by Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) concluded that 68 per cent of Israelis were dissatisfied with the last election results.

Meanwhile, 80 per cent of those who participated in the survey said they expected a fifth round of elections.

The survey revealed that 32 per cent believe Netanyahu would succeed in forming the government, while 17 per cent believed that his opposition would form the next government.

Among the respondents, 24 per cent thought that none of the Israeli blocs would be able to form the government.

Kafkaesque politics: The missing lessons from Israel’s latest election

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