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5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at The Lord Howe Island Accommodation

5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at The Lord Howe Island Accommodation

Lord Howe Island, the island that sounds like an exotic place from a Charles Dickinson novel, lies 600km east of the mainland of Australia. This is one of many islands in the world that has been dubbed a ‘world heritage site’. 

This means it has been recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as being valuable in both its natural landmark and culture. Click here for more reading on this and to see what else is on the list.

It is no wonder it has been listed under this category and there are many reasons for this. Some of which include lush green forests, exotic lagoons and sea life, a 7-million-year-old volcanic peak, and its rich birdlife, all play a part in keeping this island one of the most visited in all of Australia.

Some of the rarest plant life live here due to the volcanic soil that inhibits the islands surrounding the mainland, gifting us with its array of colors and scents. But that’s not all, we have included 5 other reasons for you to find accommodation on this island when visiting the next time. 

You Can Visit the Ball’s Pyramid

 Just over 20km south of the island, rests one of the world’s largest sea stacks. Named after a Royal Navy lieutenant who discovered it in 1788. When looked at is resembles a pyramid from a distance with a wide base and a pointy top. The original image drawn by the lieutenant is seen here:

The spearhead is over 500 meters tall and made of grey basalt. Isolated in the Pacific Ocean it houses an assortment of rare and exotic birdlife, animals, marine life, and insects. Tourists or residents are not allowed to climb the mountain for recreational purposes, however, they are allowed to go diving or snorkeling around the area, which on its own is a marvel activity to partake in and one can easily spend hours doing.

You Can Explore the Kentia Palm

Some call this region a ‘paradise on earth’ and besides its wealth of plant life, bird, and marine life, one of the things it known for is the immense landscapes filled with the ‘Kentis Palm’ or the Howea forsteriana. These green forests covered with these trees gives the white of the beach sand, some of the most breath-taking scenery to be enjoyed by anyone.

Amongst over the 240 species of indigenous trees and plants in the country, lie these popular coastal inhabitants, that give life to this area. Originally a whaling port, back in the 1800s, when it was banned the arrival of the export of these trees took over, and when natives found how useful it can be, it was sent to different countries worldwide and is still being used today for many uses.

Those who visit the island can buy the seeds, and grow them in their own homes and gardens, depending on where they live, the climate, and the soil. Regardless, these are not fussy trees and provide an abundance of shade and aesthetic appeal to any landscape. They can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

They are also known to be part of the air-purifying plant species and can tolerate neglect, as they are sturdy enough to thrive in both cool and warm temperatures.  

The Advantageous Restrictions

As mentioned above, this is a UNESCO site and as such, has been capped to allow for only 400 visitors at one time. The residential population is just over 380 people, and being an island of this size, everything is nearby and within walking distance, so when you are looking for an accommodation Lord Howe island has,  you do not necessarily need a form of transport, as it is only 11 km in length from one side to the other and about 2 kilometers wide. 

You could rent a bicycle instead, which is more welcome than cars due to less pollution. It is also one of the friendliest places reported to date, so you will feel right at home once you land there. 

Ned’s Beach to Explore

One of Australia’s best-rated beaches is in the vicinity of Lord Howe Island – Ned’s Beach, which is on the island’s north-east part and is one of the highest-rated swimming spots in the area, can be yours to explore. 

When swimming in the crystal-clear blue water and white soft sand beach, you will be accompanied by some of the marine life, which are tame and beautiful to snorkel alongside with you.

The water is very shallow so you can even take your children in with you, as long as they are young adults and not toddlers. Fish life you will encounter include, yellow-tail kingfish which can grow up to 1 meter in length, silver-drummer, garfish, and mullet which you can even hand feed. If you didn’t come with gear to swim in, everything from bodyboards to masks and fins is provided from the beach store. 

Golf on Howe Island

Where else can you add the experience of playing golf on an island whilst staying on it? A short walk away from one of the famous island accommodations – the Capella, they have what’s known as the ‘honesty’ system’, which entails paying whatever your heart desires for the balls, the minimum being $1.00. most of everything you rent out starts at this price.

Clubs are also available for hire at the facilities and club members get various other extras such as drinks and snacks son the house. There is no need to book or wait to tee off at the grounds. Members’ days are usually on Sundays.  

What more could you ask for but enjoy the lush life offered at Lord Howe Island and the variety of fresh seafood, lovely people, exquisite locations, rich bird and marine life, and clean air. Your choice of Island accommodation is just as vast, ranging from luxurious lodges with spas and relaxing treatment facilities, to quaint guest houses and hotels. 

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