5 Irrecusable Reasons to Skydive in Taupo

So, you want to jump out of a plane. Or you’re at least thinking about it, you’re jump curious (my advice for these people is to just do it, YOLO).   I recently made my skydiving debut with Skydive Taupo, and I was absolutely blown away by the whole experience.

Of course, New Zealand is a magical place for your first time, and I know you want it to be special.  Here’s my 5 reasons why you should take the plunge in Taupo:

1. Well, Obviously, Taupo

Breathtaking free falling from up to 18,500ft upon Lake Taupo.

Lake Taupo is pretty magnificent, and the more you know about it, the more awe inspiring it is. The lake is actually a crater from a massive super volcano, that erupted 26,500 years ago. This eruption is estimated to be the biggest volcanic eruption the world has seen in the last 70,000 years. So yeah, it was pretty big. A more recent eruption (and by recent I mean nearly 2000 years ago) was so powerful, that the ash emitted turned the sky red in China and Rome.  At 616 square kilometres (that is roughly the size of Singapore), the only way to truly appreciate the size of this beautiful lake is by hurtling towards it from way up in the sky.

2. Views For Daaaaaays

It’s not just the sparkling blue waters of Lake Taupo that you’ll feast your eyes on during your skydive. There’s something to be said for seeing the central North Island from 15,000 feet above, and skydivers get the best seat in the house. You’ll see some pretty famous mountains during your ascent; Mount Tongariro, which you’ll have the chance to conquer a little bit later in your Stray journey; the gorgeous Mount Ruapehu, the North Island’s best (ok, only) commercially skiable mountain; and of course the world famous Mount Ngauruhoe – better known to you guys as Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings. Don’t forget to wave to Smeagol on your way down…

Skydiving landing with volcanic landscape of Tongariro
Stunning views of Tongariro National Park on your landing of skydiving in Taupo.

On a clear day, you’ll be able to see both coasts as you freefall, if you can tear your eyes away from the ground and take a look around. Keep an eye out for White Island on the east coast, NZ’s most active volcano, and Mount Taranaki to the west, which is one of the most symmetrical volcano cones in the world. Gotta love that aesthetic!

3. Skydive Taupo Keeps It Chill

All this is really great, but jumping out of a plane is still scary, right? I was pretty nervous, but of course on the surface I looked calm and ready, mom’s spaghetti.  The team at Skydive Taupo were so friendly and relaxed, they calmed me down during the pre-jump safety briefing. Of course, therapeutic pats of Sky the security cat also helped, never underestimate the power of a furry friend to relieve anxiety! My tandem master Joe had done so many jumps he could practically do it in his sleep, and was happy to answer any questions I had. I appreciated that he kept me informed of everything he was doing along the way – by the time we were sitting on the edge of the plane with our feet dangling into the abyss, I was surprisingly calm. And then, well, a picture paints 1000 words doesn’t it?

Exiting the airplane with the coach
Jump out the airplane with your professional skydiving coach in Taupo.

4. Warm Fuzzy Jumping

Not only did the team keep me cool as a cucumber, they give back to the community as well. They get involved in a bunch of annual community projects, last year helping to raise over $150,000 for charity.  They’ve put up free skydives for fundraising for the Cancer Society, our furry friends at the SPCA, and the Blind Foundation. When I wasn’t chilled with fear and adrenaline, I was feeling pretty warm and fuzzy about that.

Close up picture from free falling camera
Pose your best and make your Taupo skydiving experience envied.

5. Baby, They Got Style

Well first of all, you get picked up from the stunning Huka Falls in a LIMO. For some of my jump buddies, this was their first time ever in a limousine! What a way to start your unforgettable experience.

Limousine Hummer of Taupo Tandem Skydiving
You can be picked for skydiving in Taupo by the fancy limousine Hummer from the town

Secondly, the plane is pink! Funny story about that actually; the team bought a plane that happened to be pink, and they had plans to paint it. Of course in the meantime the show must go on. The preposterously pink plane wasn’t flying over Taupo for long, before people began flocking to Skydive Taupo, screaming “put me in that perfectly pink plane please!”. True story.

That was about three Pinkies ago, and the current model is their most cultured yet. With carefully crafted Maori designs, the planes exterior actually tells a story – of safe travels, new beginnings (because after your first skydive, you are actually reborn as a badass), and guardianship of both the environment, and the people who fly between Pinky’s wings.

Embrace the view of Lake Taupo by skydiving
Skydive in Taupo and embrace the unbeatable mirror lake from the God’s view.

If you’re ready to take the leap, book your Skydive in Taupo on our Stray Mate app for a special discounted price. If you need a little more convincing, check out these little legends – if they can do it, so can you! What are you waiting for?

Panoramic God's eye view from Taupo skydive
Never miss up the chance to skydive from Lake Taupo – the best place to do so in NZ!

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