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10 Fairy Tale Castles To Visit In Denmark

Denmark is such a beautiful country with so many incredible places to see. From the cosmopolitan city of Copenhagen, to the numerous charming villages across Denmark, there are many castles out of a fairy tale just waiting to be explored by anyone looking for beauty and history.


Rosenborg Castle was built by King Christian IV, one of the most famous Scandinavian kings in the 17th century. This 400 year old castle is one of the most inspiring fairy tale castles to see in Copenhagen.

Inside the castle you can see the Danish crown jewels and the coronation throne. Outside you have massive beautiful gardens that are very popular during summer with locals usually doing picnics and playing with kids.


Christiansborg Palace is another beautiful palace to visit during your visit to Copenhagen.

The former Royal Palace is now where the country’s Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court are located. The Royal Family do however still make use of Christiansborg for certain state functions and events and it’s really incredible to see inside.

You can visit the Royal Reception Rooms where The Oval Throne Room is and watch out from the balcony from where the Danish monarchs are proclaimed.

The view from the castle over Copenhagen


Frederiksborg Castle it’s one the biggest castles you’ll get to see in Denmark. It’s the largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia built on the 17th century by King Christian IV as a royal residence and truly shows the royal opulence from those times not only inside the castle but outside with such magnificent gardens.

At present it’s where the Museum of National History is located with over 500 years of Danish history illustrated through portraits, paintings, furniture, sculptures and decorative art.

This beautiful castle it’s one of the easiest day trips you can do from Copenhagen as it’s only 40 minutes from central Copenhagen by train.


This historic castle is located on the southern island of Funen and is one of Europe’s best maintained water castles. It features a real moat, spires and a play forest where children can play on the ground or up in the trees in tree top walking.

If you’re planning a trip to Odense you definitely can’t miss Egeskov Castle. By train it’s only half an hour followed by a small walk to the castle. After you visit to the castle, stop at the Egeskov village, is totally worth the visit for a meal.


The most dreamy fairy tale castle you’ll get to see! It has inspired many tales.  It’s officially Denmark’s oldest family-owned castle, founded in 1559 by the Rosenkrantz family, among the oldest and most famous in Danish history.

Initially built in very different from other castles in Denmark with an inspired Italian Renaissance style it was later modernized in a baroque style.


Kronborg castle it’s also one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


It’s famously known as the ‘Hamlet’s Castle’ because of Shakespeare using this castle when he wrote his immortal play back in the 1600s.


The impressive Voergaard Castle, surrounded by its very own moat is probably one of the most photogenic castles in Denmark because of the beautiful water reflection created around it.

Visit or have a tour around the castle grounds, it has a truly impressive collection of art.


The main residence of Denmark’s Royal Family it’s something you really can’t miss on your visit to Copenhagen where you can get to know a little bit more about the royal history at the museum.

While there you can experience the changing of the guards if you time it well. Every day the guards march from their barracks by Rosenborg Castle through the streets of Copenhagen and end up at Amalienborg, where the changing of the guard takes place at 12:00 noon.

If you do want to see the Queen make sure to time your visit on April 16, the Queen’s birthday or June 10, for the Royal Run.


Dragsholm Castle is one of the oldest buildings in Zealand located on its own islet since 1200. Some say it’s haunted! If you dare you can spend the night there as it’s functioning as a hotel and even has a Michelin starred restaurant, Slotskøkkenet.


Fredensborg Palace translates into Palace of Peace built just after the ending of The Great Northern War in 1722. The palace and the palace garden are a true example of the French baroque styles from Versailles hence the fact this castle is often referred to as Denmark’s Versailles.

It was initially built as a hunting palace for Frederik IV and today is often the setting for large official state visits and family events in the royal family including weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties.


 You can visit many of these castles for free if you purchase the Copenhagen Card, here.

To plan your trips using public transports visit the Rejseplanen website or app,  here, that will be up to date with the latest times and schedules.


If you’re ever in Denmark or thinking about visiting, include these castles on your things to see. They are so beautiful and such unique architectural sites.  Have you seen any of these during your trip to Denmark? Let me know about it in the comment section!



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