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$1.4 Billion Housing Redevelopment Project Moves Forward in Boston – News

The Boston Planning and Development Agency board recently approved zoning for a 2,700-unit public housing complex that will replace 1,100 low-income apartments in the neighborhood of Charlestown in addition to adding the difference in market-rate apartments and condos, according to an article by Tim Logan.

“The $1.4 billion project, which has been in the works since 2015, is the most ambitious effort yet by the Boston Housing Authority to leverage the city’s hot real estate market to refresh decades-old public housing,” reports Logan. “Under a deal with the city, developers Joseph J. Corcoran Co. and Leggat McCall Properties would overhaul the 26-acre site on the northern edge of Charlestown, gradually demolishing some 41 low-rise apartment blocks to make way for 15 larger buildings, along with open space, retail, and other amenities.”

Current residents of the complex have been promised right of return and have worked with the city and developers throughout the process so far. An organization called the Charlestown Resident Alliance, representing the 2,500 residents of the complex, put out a statement in support of the project. 

The project still requires approval from the Boston Zoning Commission, with several critical details on issues of transportation still to be decided.

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