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🥇 These are the 3 Best Hotels in Alphabet City in 2021 ▷ Map + Info

If you’re looking for a hotel in Alphabet City for your next visit to New York, then look no further. Just check out our list of the best hotels in Alphabet City! Over the years, we have tried and tested countless hotels in New York City. So to find the perfect place for you to stay in Alphabet City, you only need to scroll down our list. I am sure you’ll come across the right hotel for you! 

These are the best hotels in Alphabet City

Alphabet City is a part of the East Village and stretches from Avenue A to Avenue D and from 1 Av in the north to East Houston St around the south. The streets always contain letters (A to D) and not numbers. That’s a rare sight in NYC, hence the name Alphabet City. It is a residential area and there are many cozy little bars and restaurants to be found here.

In our best list you can quickly and easily compare the most beautiful hotels in Alphabet City, New York. You can also see at a glance if it’s a boutique hotel or design hotel – if you want to see more information and current prices, just click on the button “to the website”. Further down, you will find the most beautiful accommodations in Alphabet City on a map.

Things to do in Alphabet City

Alphabet City is a residential area, so there are none of your typical NYC attractions to be found here. It’s a beautiful neighborhood with neat little shops, houses, cafés and such. But you can easily walk to Washington Square Park and Union Square Park – and be sure to walk along the East River!

Hotels close to Alphabet City

Alphabet City is part of the East Village and as such is bordered by Midtown to the north and the Lower East Side to the south. I have the right hotels for you in these areas too:

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