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▷ Sex and the City Bus Tour NYC

The Sex and the City bus tour through Manhattan is the ultimate experience for fans of the show. For many, it has always been a dream to dream to see all the spots featured in the show. Follow Carrie (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) through New York City and see where Sex and the City was filmed. This is also an interesting tour for those who are generally interested in the areas around West Village and SoHo. 


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Following Carrie through NYC

During the 3.5-hour bus tour, you will often be in the mood to giggle at the commentary and you will no doubt feel as though you are looking behind the scenes of this great show.  You can really imagine the 4 girls in every spot you see. The tour guides you to the show’s main spots; shoe stores, restaurants, the Cupcake bakery, Aidan’s furniture store, the main spots where most of the romantic scenes between Carrie & Mr. Big were filmed and many, many more. You will really begin to feel the characters of the show had a real-life in NYC and get a guided tour through West Village and SoHo.

Inside the bus, you get to watch scenes of  Sex and the City and the very friendly guide (who is of course also a huge fan) makes it a fun and interactive experience. You will also leave the bus when you walk to see the main spots of the tour.

Insider Tips and Celebrities

The big highlight of the tour is stopping by in front of Carrie’s house. You will get many flashbacks of the show when you are standing in front of the famous stairs. You will also get to visit the Magnolia Bakery and taste the sweet & delicious cupcakes the girls ate so many times before. You will also get the chance to drink a cosmopolitan at Scout’s- Carries favorite pub. Take a walk in West Village and get to know some interesting facts about the show and its actors. If you’re very lucky you might also catch a glimpse of Jessica Parker herself as she lives her everyday life in NYC.

Start & End of the Tour

You start at:
The Plaza Hotel (59. St between 5th & 6th Ave, at Central Park). Look out for the blue bus on 5th Ave.

The tour ends at:
42nd Street & 6th Avenue

Tickets and Prices

For this tour, you will need to reserve your tickets online. There are websites that sell Sex and the City Tour tickets for $56, but you can already get them for $49. The tour is very popular and always busy so make sure to do so far in advance!

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Our Tour Highlights

  • The Most Popular Staircase in NYC
    (66 Perry Street / Greenwich Village)
    The stairs to Carrie’s apartment: Carrie Bradshaw lives on the Upper East Side, but the address doesn’t exist in NYC. The original spot where filming took place can be found much further out in Greenwich Village. The stairs of 66 Perry Street worked over the years as Carrie’s steps into her apartment. The sign next to the door is a little confusing because it says 1866 and not 66 like it should be. 1866 is the year of construction, however.
  • Magnolia Bakery
    (401 Bleecker Street)
    This was a famous meeting point for the Sex and the City girls. Miranda and Carrie always bought their Cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery. It’s very close to Carrie’s place.
  • Scout
    (174 Grand Street)
    This is the favorite pub of the SATC girls. In real life, it’s called Onieals. There have been the second meeting of Carrie and Aidan. It’s 30 minutes walk from Magnolia Bakery.
  • Carrie’s Favorite Shoe Store
    (31 West 54th Street)
    Manolo Blahnik is a Must-See on the tour.
  • The Birthday Italian Restaurant: Il Cantinori
    (Corner of 10th and University Street)
    This is where Carrie’s 35th birthday should have been celebrated. Sadly, nobody came to that place that evening.
  • First Date with Big: Pan Asian Restaurant Tao
    (42 East 58th Street)
    On the opening night, Carrie met Big for the first time.
  • Pleasure Chest
    (7th Ave South)
    In that Sexshop Charlotte bought her „Rabbit“– the girls had to take the Rabbit one day because Charlotte did not want to leave her apartment anymore.
  • Jefferson Market Library & Garden
    (6th Ave & 10th Street)
    On this green-field of an old law institute, Miranda and Steve got married.
  • Staten Island Ferry
    (Start at the Whitehall Terminal)
    A very common scene in the series: the SATC girls on Long Island Ferry. A ride with the ferry is free and it takes you 25 minutes from Manhattan to Long Island.
  • Church of the Transfiguration
    (1 E 29th Street)
    Samanthas shortly loves a priest and the scenes are filmed in this church.
  • The Wedding Place – New York Public Library
    (Fifth Avenue on 42nd Street)
    This is the place, where Carrie should have married Mr. Big but he did not come to the wedding. Carrie wanted to get married in this romantic place because she always dreamed of a perfect and romantic wedding.


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